IT systems need to be timely, efficient and reliable. This includes systems around referral management.

Referrals mark the beginning of a patient’s journey in a hospital and their management needs to provide accountability. A fully electronic referral management system that removes administrative and clerical burdens can help focus clinical staff on patient care while saving time and valuable resources.



Mobile solutions create greater accessibility and efficiency but until now they have required significant IT overhaul and expense.

By overlaying on your existing systems you can have all the advantages of a mobile platform without any changes to hardware or investment in entirely new systems.


Electronic note taking software offers great efficiency gains to clinicians, and now offers valuable savings to CIOs.

By intergrading with existing hardware you can offer a complete electronic note taking and distribution package for a monthly subscription without a large initial outlay.


Patient information is located in different repositories and requires multiple logins from clinicians to gain access. Using your existing systems you can now provide access to all information without any hardware updates.

Give clinicians what they need to do their job without risk or significant upfront expense.


Important documents no longer need to be stored in a manila folder where its delivery and storage is labour intensive.

Electronically storing and sharing scanned images reduces cost, risk and augments information available as part of the electronic medical record.


Smartphones are ubiquitous and offer educational and timesaving benefits for both patients and doctors. Yet until now it has not been possible for clinician’s to securely take photos on their smartphones without exposing themselves and their hospital to significant legal risk.

V-Photo is the only application that allows photos to be entered directly to the patient record from your smartphone or device – no additional patient consent requirements, no new interfaces or logins, no chance of breaching patient privacy.