V-Chart integrates with existing departmental clinical systems and presents patient information in a unified clinical portal. A patient centric portal that is fully configurable and elegantly designed to present a rich array of patient information which would otherwise be locked away in disparate systems.


Overlay Cio

Overlay to your existing systems

V-Chart provides access to patient information from existing hospital departmental systems, be they from discrete systems, repositories or a combination. It sits as an overlay to existing clinical systems, without the need for high risk rip and replacement, presenting the information in a consolidated and unified manner.

Enhance existing systems

Existing departmental systems and data can be enhanced through the presentation of relevant results and reports through the intuitive V-Chart. Since V-Chart provides an interface to the data and a wealth of new tools, many existing departmental systems that are old (e.g. ageing interface or poor functionality) can continue to be utilised effectively through V-Chart.

Cost effective

Many departmental systems and repositories have licensing limitations, limiting the number of users. The cost associated with granting clinicians access to multiple systems can become excessive. Alternatively, there is high cost and risk associated with rip and replacement of existing systems with monolithic solutions. V-Chart provides a means for departmental system data to be presented to clinicians across a hospital without the need to count licenses or replace existing investments.

“The electronic patient record has made life easier, it saves time. Everything is available and traceable. We know who has looked at what record when, which is important both in terms of clinical trials and confidentiality and privacy. “

Professor John Zalcberg
OAM Chief Medical Officer Director,
Division of Haematology and Medical Oncology.

Tried and tested

V-Chart is currently being used by more than 5000 clinicians at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Center in Victoria and the Mater Hospital group in Queensland. V-Chart can easily be deployed and integrated into your current patient system by Telstra’s dedicated health IT team.


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