You didn’t spend years in med school only to spend half your days sifting through the paper referrals. There is another way, by processing and managing referrals electronically you can focus on making clinical decisions and patient care. Make receiving, triaging, tracking and routing referrals simple and finally see the referral as a part of the electronic patient record as soon as it arrives.


You’re expected to be able to make clinical decisions on the go but have to rely on paper records or have access limitations depending on where you are.

Now you can access your patient information when you need it right from your mobile device. But there’s also so much more. Imagine being able to monitor a patient’s live ECG reading or check the latest pathology results from your phone at any hour of the day.


Can’t find a pen? Dictation frustrating you? Patient notes written on paper can be lost, can only be viewed in the one location and are finally a thing of the past.

With electronic patient notes you are empowered to create, sign and distribute notes from any device when you need to regardless of where you are.


Your job depends on availability of accurate patient information, you don’t want to have to search through the databases of various departments to find it.

With your patients’ complete medical record at your fingertips you can make the best possible decisions when and where you need.


Taking photos of patient wounds is great for gaining second opinions, saving the need for unnecessary re-dressings and taking records for later comparison. But how compliant are you with breaches of privacy? And what happens if you get caught with patient photos on your smartphone, or if your phone is hacked or stolen?

There’s a quick and easy take patients’ photos and ensure you are compliant. Unlike alternative apps which store photos in yet another data repository, you can add the photo directly to the patient record and gaining additional consent isn’t required. The photos are never stored in your phone and are accessible on the patient record only by those with the correct credentials.