Management of incoming referrals in hospitals is onerous, time consuming and largely paper based. V-Referral has been designed to simplify and manage this process. Typically, processing referrals requires clinical staff to sort, prioritise, triage, monitor and action referrals in as little time as possible.

V-Referral is a workflow solution that processes referrals received via fax, paper or electronic submission. This fully automated system does away with manual handling, inconsistencies, duplicates and lack of visibility, saving time and resources.

A communication centre

V-Referral has been designed with a communication and notification centre where you can configure trigger points for notifications to required recipients. For example, as soon as a referral is received by the hospital, an acknowledgement letter can be automatically generated and sent to the referring doctor automatically via fax or email. This means referrers know that their referral has been received, removing the likelihood of them sending multiple copies.

Track referrals

Authorised staff can securely monitor the journey of referrals so there’s no chasing paperwork or maintaining spreadsheets of when referrals were received or how long they were with a particular clinician. This also means that you know exactly what the status of a referral is without having to search through spreadsheets or chase individuals.

Fast Process

Faster process

V-Referral automates and speeds up the whole referral process, ensuring patients are treated faster and more efficiently. Referrals can be electronically routed to multiple clinicians simultaneously, where they can be triaged and appointments booked without delay.

Reduce Risk

Reduce risk

The risk of human error is virtually eliminated as V-Referral automates the receipt and routing of referrals through distinct and reportable staging posts. Assign priorities, make booking requests or collaborate with your clinical colleagues on a referral without moving from your desk.


Be informed

V-Referral has a full alert system that alerts you when a referral has not been actioned, has not been assigned for triage or is missing information etc.

V-Referral keeps track and brings to your attention what you need to know without you having to worry about it. Alert types and thresholds are completely configurable and visually powerful.

Reporting tool

You can effortlessly track referrals at every stage with comprehensive reports on every aspect of referral management so it’s easy to comply with existing and upcoming reporting requirements, whether external or internal.

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