Who we are

Verdi is a medical information access specialist with over 20 years experience. Verdi delivers a suite of products that enable hospitals to unlock clinical information and deliver workflow solutions. This suite of products includes V-Referral, V-Mobile, V-Chart, V-Photo, V-Notes and V-Scan

Who we are


Telstra and Verdi

In 2013, Telstra teamed up with Verdi (formally IP Health) in delivering highly specialised software solutions and services to the health sector. As an investor and partner, Telstra provides a dedicated health IT team bolstering Verdi’s offering.

Telstra’s dedicated health IT team is ready to deploy and integrate Verdi with your existing clinical/IT systems. Network-centric healthcare has been an important focus for Telstra for many years. During that time they have delivered innovations such as the Virtual Trauma Video-conferencing Centre at Loddon Mallee Hospital in Victoria as well as deploying Bedside Assist to thousands of hospital beds in South Australia.

The Verdi/Telstra offering brings important benefits. Firstly, there’s the assurance of a large, well resourced company standing behind your solution with a deep pool of healthcare expertise and IT engineering to draw on. Then there’s the integration experience that helps ensure your solution works seamlessly across Telstra’s networks and your devices.

Humble Beginnings

Verdi evolved from a prototype developed at a well-known Australian public hospital and research centre, in consultation with clinicians and other healthcare providers. It soon became apparent that this tool deserved more widespread utilisation and that a redevelopment in a commercial setting would be the best way to achieve this. This gave way to the formation of an entirely new solution with radically different architecture and the latest software technology.

That solution was Verdi.